BEAT is music magazine. Little Mix appeared in one of the issues of the magazine in 2015.


On people assuming they just get given their songs:

Jesy: "It really pisses us off. It does! We work for hours and hours in the studio. It’s so frustrating. I think a lot of it comes from us being a girl band and from The X Factor.” Jade: “I think because we’re pop artists people expect us to just churn [albums] out over and over, but they forget that we do write a lot of our music and that takes time. Adele or Ed Sheeran, they don’t just bang them out."

On the need to write songs their fans can connect to:

Leigh-Anne: "What comes with social media is the bullying side of things and that’s still rife, so to have songs that make you feel better about yourself is really important."

On their success so far:

Leigh-Anne: "We’ve all wanted it so much and it’s just incredible. We’ve come so far and done so well, and obviously we’ve got a long way to go, but it does still feel surreal. It still feels like a dream." [1]



  1. - Interview

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