Claire's is a shop which sells accesories and jewellery to girls an young women. It has 3,469 stores in 36 countries worldwide. It sells many different brands such as Hello KittyBeanie Boos  and Moshi Monsters.

Little Mix

It sells Little Mix merchandise such as bow, necklace, pendant, head ring, blanket, earrings, rings, lacebows, headband, ring stacks, bowler hat, headwraps, retro and geek glasses, nose-rings, hair styler, studded collars, leaf headwrap, ear cuffs, snapback cap, scarfs, hoop earings with details, chunky chains, bracelets, phone sock, beannies, shoes, striped and print footed tights, hats, braces, bow headbands and many more!


Here are a few examples of the items in sale in each of the different ranges.

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