Creme was a monthly New Zealand magazine for girls aged 10 to 18, owned by the APN Specialist Publications NZ Limited. The last issue was released in August 2014. Little Mix appeared in the July 2013 issue of "Creme Magazine".



  • Thanks for calling us Jade! Where are you right now? What’s going on?

I’m just in London today. It is getting pretty late here! We were in the studio today, making some new music! We’re working on songs for our next album.

  • Wow, how exciting! Can you sneak us any clues about what kind of music you’re recording?

Well, we’re kind of keeping it the same so It’s uplifting, positive music – maybe slightly more mature, but always upbeat, maybe we have more of an R’n’B feeling this time too. But, we’re probably not going to change too much, because we like what we’re doing right now, and seems to pretty much be working! [Laughs]

  • It sure does! Well, we’re big fans of you here. You were just on the July cover of Creme – you were by far the most requested people that NZ girls wanted to see on the cover, so we had to make it happen!

Ohmigoodness, that is so amazing! Thanks so much!

  • One of the things we love about your music, and that we get a lot of emails and messages saying also, is that your songs have such great messages. They’re so positive and give everyone confidence!

We think that’s so important, to send a message to young girls – that we know how they feel! And to give them songs they can listen to that are going to make them feel good about themselves!

  • Well, you definitely achieve that. It can be a really hard time, being a teen girl – there’s self-esteem issues, worrying about bullies… it can be tough! Did you guys experience those things yourself?

Oh absolutely, it’s something most girls experience, low self-esteem, bullying, the works! When I was at school I didn’t feel like there was music or songs that I could listen to and feel better. It just didn’t feel like there were songs that understood what I was going through. When we got together it’s one of the first things we said we wanted to do – to make songs that were positive and uplifting for those girls, so they would have something to listen to, to feel good about themselves. And to be honest, it’s something you continue to come up against in your life – well, for us anyway, now having been in the limelight a bit we get haters again. There are just some people who you’re never going to be good enough for. They just hate.

  • How do you deal with those people? Do you have advice for girls in that situation now?

The most important thing is to learn to ignore these people. Especially people who are on the internet, who are too scared to crawl out from behind the computer screen and say these things to your face. I actually feel bad for these people sometimes that they must feel so bad themselves that they feel they have to bring other people down like that, and in such a cowardly way. So, all you girls, we need to stick together and look out for one another. Be good friends to each other and surround yourself with positive people. I’m very lucky to be around these girls who keep you positive!

  • It’s great you gals are such tight friends. We love that you’re friends with One Direction too. Do you see much of them these days?

Yeah we do! Obviously we do see Zayn the most because he’s with Perrie. We actually saw him today; he came into the studio to have a listen and to see Perrie, obviously! We do try to catch up with boys when we can, whenever we’re in the same place, but it can be hard obviously because we’re both so busy. It’s great when we do the same shows and stuff though!

  • We’re excited that the boys are coming to NZ soon… we’d LOVE it if you came one day too!!

We are SO desperate to get there. Obviously Perrie lived there for a while and she is always telling us it is the most beautiful place she has ever been, seriously! She said she never wanted to leave and that those were some of the best years of her life and it’s just the best place. So, we all really, really want to see it too and see all our fans there. It’s amazing, we see them all on Twitter and on the internet and it’s just incredible to think we have all that support there.

  • It’s good to know you read the messages! Do you have any tips for your fans, as to how they can get your attention on Twitter?

Alright! I’m the creeper of Twitter – I’m a bit of a stalker, I go through everything! [Laughs] I like seeing really funny things, or really sweet things, when people speak from the heart and say lovely things to us. We do look through pretty much everything, so we read a lot of the tweets and we try to reply to as much as we can and follow fans. I don’t like it when people spam us though, y’know, like when people tweet us 100 times saying ‘FOLLOW ME!!!”. I’m much more likely to see your tweet and reply to it if it’s just sent once, but you’ve put some real thought into what you want to say. I love that.

  • Do you have a message for all your awesome fans in NZ reading Creme?
Thanks SO SO much, and I’m so sorry we haven’t had a chance to get out there and see you yet! You really do mean so much to us, and we hope we’ll see you very soon!! xxx


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