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Diversity are an English street dance troupe formed in 2007 and based in London. They are best known for winning the third series of Britain's Got Talent in 2009, famously beating singer Susan Boyle in the live final. They also won the Families United Positive Role Models at the Spirit of London Awards.

Diversity consists of friends from London (Leytonstone and Dagenham) and Essex (Basildon), including three sets of brothers and four other members.The group, ranging in age from 18-29, consists of leader and choreographer Ashley Banjo and the following other members: Jordan Banjo, Sam Craske, Mitchell Craske, Perri Kiely, Warren Russell, Ike Ezekwugo, Terry Smith. At the time they appeared on Britain's Got Talent, some were still at school or university, while others had jobs of their own. Founding members Ashton Russell, Ian McNaughton, Jamie McNaughton and Matthew McNaughton have left Diversity. They are currently managed by Danielle Banjo, Ashley and Jordan's mother, and based at Dancework studio.

Little Mix

Diversity performed with Little Mix at the Britain's Got Talent final On 7 June, 2014. A sneak peek of Little Mix's outfits was released (picture 1).

On 6 June, 2014, Diversity posted a picture of them rehearsing for the performance, where you can see Little Mix in the background (pic 2).

On the 6 June, 2014, Diversity posted two other photo from their rehearsal where you can see Little Mix in the background (pics 3 & 4).

Before Diversity: Swift Moves

Before Diversity most of the group belonged to Swift Moves or Swift Moves Juniors.

As Swift Moves, they beat KI (the crew Marlon Wallen from Flawless was with) during KI's second run to seven wins at The Jump Off where Swift Moves battled a total of four times.

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