Iain James Farquharson, more commonly known as Iain James or Sparx, is a singer, songwriter and vocal producer from Bristol, but based in London. He started as part of the British boyband Triple 8 in 2003 as their lead singer and known as Sparx. He left after the band had two Top 10 hits and was replaced by Stewart Macintosh in 2005. He has written a number of songs recorded by a great number of singing artists, plus writing many songs for reality television contestants from UK, Europe and Asia, and on two occasions for Eurovision Song Contest songs, including co-writing the winning song for Azerbaijan "Running Scared" by Eldar & Nigar in 2011. He is also a vocal coach on the UK X Factor.

Relation with Little Mix

Iain James has helped co-write many of Little Mix's songs.


  1. DNA
  2. Salute
  3. Get Weird
  4. Glory Days

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