This is a list of facts about Jesy Nelson.

  • Her favorite color is black and red.
  • Her style inspiration is Gwen Stefani.
  • She is addicted to clicking her knuckles.
  • Her nickname is Jesminda.
  • Her favorite group is Spice Girls.
  • Her favorite foods are Nandos.
  • Her favorite Little Mix performance on the X Factor is E.T.
  • Her favorite clothes shop are Topshop and Camden Market.
  • Her first celebrity crush is Bradley from S Club 7.
  • Her guilty pleasure/weirdest celebrity crush is James Corden.
  • She was 13 when she had her first kiss.
  • She shares a birthday with Alan Carr (Chatty Man).
  • Her favorite musician is Missy Elliott.
  • Her favorite group are the Spice Girls.
  • Her birthsign is Gemini (the sign of the twins) which is also the 3rd sign of the Zodiac.
  • Her favourite movie is Taken. [2]
  • She washes her hair every day.
  • She can do a Scottish and Australian accent.
  • The girls describe Jesy as the most outgoing, lovely and caring person, who will always listen to you or talk to you when you have a problem.
  • She is very good at beat boxing and used this skill during her audition as a solo artist, their Judges Houses performance of Cry Me a River, a Capella outbursts on X Factor, in Wembley Final during their mentor performance and in the Little Mix track Going Nowhere.
  • She and Perrie share the same middle name, Louise.
  • She is a fan of Jeremy Kyle.
  • She is the oldest member of the group Little Mix.
  • She was bullied on the Internet during the early Live Shows of X-Factor and has spoken about her experiences to inspire others. [3]
  • She has not yet taken her driving test.
  • She believes that the band is very 'open'.
  • She is left-handed.
  • She got into singing when she started by mucking around in her room singing to her favourite songs.
  • She worked as a bartender before being selected to compete on the X Factor, where she auditioned with "Bust Your Windows."
  • She was raised by John Nelson and Janice White, and has a sister named Jade and two brothers named Joseph and Jonathan.
  • Her Chinese astrology sign is 1991 Goat.
  • Perrie gave her the nickname “Swagger Mix”.
  • She attended Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College in Hornchurch, Essex. Jesy also attended both Sylvia Young and Yvonne Rhodes theatre schools.
  • She was in the movie ​Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
    Harry Potter Jesy Nelson from Little Mix

    Jesy's cameo in Harry Potter.

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