A list of quotes by Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

I'll admit, I never wanted to be in a band, then, in X Factor, they put me in this group and it's the best thing that`s ever happened to me.

—Leigh-Anne Pinnock

It's just weird having people know who I am and want my autograph and their photo taken with me. It`s crazy.

—Leigh-Anne Pinnock

The best thing about Little Mix is we`re role models for being ourselves.

—Leigh-Anne Pinnock

A week before the X-Factor audition, I was thinking, ‘What if I don’t get along with the girls?’ I just wasn’t sure about it at all. But after being with them, they’re just incredible. I absolutely love them to bits. There’s no diva in the group, and I mean that. We’re all really relaxed and we just work.


"Always take lip balm! When we get nervous, especially when we perform, we get dry lips."

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