Liberia Video Diary was filmed during their brief stay on the west coast of Africa. Earlier this year the girls visited Liberia with Sport Relief.

Perrie Edwards admitted that she was shocked by living conditions in Liberia, despite being braced for the worst.‘Coming to Liberia has been in some ways different to what I thought but in a lot of ways I kind of expected certain things,’ she said.

‘I think the things I expected are harder to see – no matter how much you prepare yourself before you come out here, you think ‘I’ve seen the adverts, I’ve read about it’ and then you get here and it’s like, ‘Wow.’ ‘It’s probably been the best experience of my life,’ added Jesy Nelson. ‘It’s very humbling, it’s very grounding, especially for us four girls who are in this bubble constantly.'

‘It’s not really a real world to us and then you come to places like this and you see how lucky we are and how awful it is for these children.’

Leigh-Anne Pinnock admitted that witnessing the conditions first hand put into perspective the comparatively trivial concerns faced back home.

‘We worry about the stupidest little things at home and there’s just so much going on in the world,’ she said. ‘I just feel like we take things for granted too much and coming here is such a big eye-opener.


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