Week 1 – Oct 24


Mixers Salute Mission 1: Salute Your Country

  • In the first challenge Mixers were asked Salute their country and show the girls where they live along with a photo of the Salute artwork with their country's  flag on it at a location in their city. You can find the artwork on Facebook:  Tweet your photo with the hashtag #SaluteYourCountry, with your country name at the end. The Girls Re-tweeted the countries taking part, And looking out for really creative photos they will also be awarding follows and looking out for people that have changed their profile picture to the Salute artwork with their country flag

Mixers Salute Mission 2: Move Fast Video Quiz

  • This is a mission to test the Mixer's speed and knowledge of the ‘Move’ video. Make sure you head over to the @littlemixoffic Twitter page at 4pm (BST)– Little Mix’ll be live-Tweeting each question. They want you to take screen grabs of the answers and Tweet them with the relevant hashtag (e.g. #MoveFastVideoQuizQ1), including your country.They want to make this a little more difficult for you.They’ll post the first question once you have taken over Twitter to trend #MoveFastVideoQuiz from 4pm (BST).The first person to answer each question correctly will receive a follow for themselves and 5 Mixers in their country using the hashtag (e.g.#MoveFastVideoQuizQ1YOURCOUNTRYHERE)There will be 5 questions in total – So there are 25 follows up for grabs. There will be Plenty of chances to win follows for you and your country.   #MoveFastVideoQuiz

Mixers Salute Mission 3: Iconic Album Artwork

  • They want you to strike a pose and re-create some of the girls favourite iconic album covers.Tweet your artwork recreation pictures including the hashtag #MixersIconicArtwork along with your country, between 5.30pm Monday 28th October and 8pm (BST) Tuesday 29th October.The girls will each choose one favourite recreation – these four Mixers will each receive a special message from the girls and 5 follows each for their country! There will also be special mentions for entries that stand out. So don’t forget to be extra creative!

Mixers Salute Mission 4: Perrie's Pout

  • In the fouth challenge Mixers were asked to take to take a selfie and show them their own version of Perrie’s infamous pout. From 5.15pm on Instagram and post a picture of your pout including the hashtag #PerriesPout along with your country. Please only post your entry once or it won’t be counted. Perrie will be choosing her top 10 pouts, and her choices will receive a follow and 2 follows their country. There will also be bonus follows up for grabs! And maybe something if you manage to really impress Perrie.

Mixers Salute Mission 5: Move Slo

  • In this challenge Little Mix wants to test your movie making skills. For this mission, they want to see how well you can make move in super slow motion in your own mini music video for 'Move'.From 2pm am all you have to do is download the Slo Pro app on your phone (or simply record using your phones camera) and show them your best super slow moves to ‘Move’.Post your video on Youtube and tag it #MoveSlo, making sure to include your country name at the end of the hashtag. Don't forget to include your Twitter handle so they can find you.
Mixers Salute Mission 5 Move Slo00:52

Mixers Salute Mission 5 Move Slo

The girls will choose their 5 favourite move slow to ‘Move’ videos at 9am (GMT) 31st October 2013 to win a follow and 5 follows for their country. Remember, you may get something extra special for you and your country if you really impress the girls with your slow moves.

Mixers Salute Mission 6: Mixers Trick Or Treat

  • Little Mix have a special Halloween mission for you. Its time to play a little trick on the Twitterverse. They want you to take to Twitter and tweet your pictures of your scariest faces.Tweet your scary faces picture including the hashtag #MixersTrickOrTreat along with your country.The girls will be awarding 15 follows to the country giving Twitter the biggest fright! 9 to the second country and 5 follows to the third country who manage to put the fear factor into Twitter! There will also be individual follows & retweets.
Mixers Salute Mission 6 Mixers Trick Or Treat00:31

Mixers Salute Mission 6 Mixers Trick Or Treat

Mixers Salute Mission 7: Mixers Move Artwork

  • In this challenge girls want you to get creative and design your own alternative artwork for the single.Take a photo or scan of your artwork and submit to LM's Tumblr page Tweet your entry with hashtag #MixersMoveArtwork AND include your country and Twitter handle. The girls will choose their favourite artworks, each one of Your artwork will be made into a physical copy and signed by the girls for you to keep.
Mixers Salute Mission 7 Mixers Move Artwork00:33

Mixers Salute Mission 7 Mixers Move Artwork

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