Week 4 – Nov 14


Mixers Salute Mission 17: Jade's Chocolate Biscuit Challenge

  • It is a special challenge for you which involves Jade, chocolate and biscuits.Your entry should include #JadesChocolateBiscuitChallenge Your country and the number of chocolate biscuits you think she can eat and the #MixersSalute hashtag. e.g #JadesChocolateBiscuitChallengeUK7 #MixersSalute.
    Mixers Salute Mission 17 Jade's Chocolate Biscuit Challenge00:33

    Mixers Salute Mission 17 Jade's Chocolate Biscuit Challenge

If you manage to get this trending in your country – tweet a screen grab and your country will be entered into the mission.The country who guesses the right amount will convert the amount of chocolate biscuits eaten by Jade into follows.

Mixers Salute Mission 18: Little Mix Lookbook

  • In this challenge Little Mix want you to pick one of the girls and draw their sketches on an A4 Page or you could computer, create and make a collage of outfits you think she would love for your own Little Mix Lookbook. This has to be unique to these girls and something she has never worn before.
    Mixers Salute Mission 18 Little Mix Lookbook00:34

    Mixers Salute Mission 18 Little Mix Lookbook

    Take a photo or scan of your Little Mix Lookbook and submit to their Tumblr page. Don’t forget to tag your entry #LittleMixLookbook AND include your country and Twitter handle. Each girl will choose their favourite lookbook created for them – these four Mixers will earn follows for themselves and 10 Mixers from their country.

Mixers Salute Mission 19: Mixers Salute Style

  • The girls love fashion and are always looking for new inspiration, So they want to see some of your fashion designing skills and want you to design an outfit for one of the girls to wear.It can’t be anything they would have worn before so make sure it is creative and unique to the girl you choose.Show us your Mixers Salute Style - Take a photo or scan of your design and submit to their Tumblr page.The girls will chose their 1 favourite design, and this will be created and You will also receive 15 follows for your country.

Mixers Salute Mission 20: Mixed Up Mixers

  • In this challenge LM want to you to do is complete the Mixed Up Mixers puzzle and Tweet a screenshot of your completed picture with the hashtag #MixersSalute, #MixedUpMixers, and your country.The first person to Tweet their screenshot and hashtag will receive 30 Follows for their country.

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