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Summertime Ball is a music festival launched by Capital FM were some of the biggest artist in the world come to London to perform for the public. The first ball was at Emirates Stadium in 2009, but has since been held at Wembley Stadium. It is promoted and broadcast by the Capital network. There has been four different sponsors since its first event. Since 2012, Vodafone has been the sponsor. In 2009, Barclaycard sponsored the ball. The following year sponsored the event, with Starbucks sponsoring the event in 2011.

A portion of ticket sales profit is donated to Help a Capital Child (formerly Help a London Child), the Capital charity.


Little Mix performed at the 2014 Summertime Ball.


  1. Salute
  2. Move (alternative ending)



Little Mix performed at the 2015 Summertime Ball.


  1. "Salute" (performed the extra dance break for the first time)
  2. "Move"
  3. "Black Magic" (performed Black Magic for the first time)
  4. "Wings"



Little Mix performed and opened the 2016 Summertime Ball.


  1. "Black Magic"
  2. "Move"
  3. "Wings"
  4. "Secret Love Song"
  5. "Hair" (introduced the dance break for Sean Paul's verses)
  6. "Salute"


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