The Beginning is a song by Little Mix which appears as the sixteenth track on the Deluxe Edition of their third album, Get Weird.

Critical Reception

ANDPOP writer Rebecca Mattina stated: "And we end off with another acapella send-off. Perhaps one of the most lyrically powerful, because it’s all about the girls explicitly reminding listeners that they still have so much more to give; that their musical journey is far from over….it’s just the beginning." [1]


Let's take it back to where it first began

They turned us strangers into closest friends

Turn the page and see the wonder
That's here for you and I

Was all so different once upon a time

But now the spark we got won't ever die
(Jade: No)

Close your eyes and feel the magic
Don't even let it go

Perrie and Jesy:
A bit of me, a piece of you
With a sprinkle of attitude

Jade and Leigh Anne:
A little dream, a lot of love
Turn up the heat baby, don't give up

Little Mix:
Yeah I know we've come so far
But it's just the beginning
Yeah I know we've come so far
But it's just the beginning


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